Where to backup files online?

Oops… Power’s out and the computer turned off! Soon as the power hits back, it is revealed that the hard drive is no more working. A blue screen appears with the alien language that tries to convince that there is some defect in the hard drive and it is no more supported. Along with that, it recommends replacing the hard drive instead of telling a way to recover the data. Well, the power trip is not the only issue that damages the computer’s hard drive. Instead, the hard drives are prone to so many things that are out of our imagination. Some expert developers sensed it and created the online storage where the data could be stored with minimal threats. Further, among some good names is the File AL.

What Makes File AL Better?

The online storage is better, indeed best, as long as it remains online. A slight glitch or a small pause in the online workflow can become a disadvantage. Obviously, it will prick you when you go online to check your data and found the site down, even when you do not need it. Upon refreshing if the site does not still load, that may begin worrying you. Well, the fault might not be of that online storage. But you may still find something with better uplink, or nearly the perfect. This is one of the reasons File AL is ranked among the best. Besides, there are some more factors that count when choosing online storage:


There is no limitation on online storage. Anyone can back up files online, without any age or gender restrictions. The same goes for the File AL Wherever you are, you can use online storage without any blockade.


Generally, online storage is premium. But some channels such as the File AL offer free usability as well. But do not forget that free usage has limited benefits. With free accounts upload and download features are available. But file management only comes with premium accounts.

Type of Files

Every online storage channel has certain limitations. But there are a few that do not have any cap on the file type. File AL is one of them that does not have any limitations on file types. Store text docs, videos, audio or photos without any hindrance. Further, you can also upload websites. But make sure that your content should not include graphic content, prohibited porn videos such as child pornographic content and everything else that is contrary to the global data storage and transport laws. The online storage channel may simply ban your account and delete the data that you have stored.

Safety and Security

The safety of data is a huge concern. No one would like to lose their data ever. Well, this is a trust-building factor. It takes time to build trust. But it shatters in a few seconds. Almost every online storage is tested for its data protection level.


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