premium account prices:

Physical storage is not going away any time soon as people still like to store their personal files and backups in hard drives and USB drives. However, online storage is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience, speed, and flexibility. Hosting your files online has never been easier and services like File.AL provide incredibly simple solutions for all types of storage needs.

Simply put, File.AL is an online file hosting provider which accepts almost every kind of file with some basic exceptions like offensive and copyrighted material. Other than those restrictions, users are allowed and even encouraged to upload all of their files in the service including photos, videos, documents, music tracks, and more. That way you can always have access to your files as long as you have an active internet connection. It is also a great tool for short-term online backups, especially if you are planning to download everything in a new computer. Another example is sharing files that you cannot send via email as attachments have very restricting file size limits across all email providers.

What are the benefits of an premium:

As with every other file hosting service, there are free and paid tiers for the provider and subscribing to a File.AL premium account gives you access to additional features and benefits. First of all, there is a difference between free guest users and free registered users. Most importantly, guest users can only download files from the website, have no storage space whatsoever, and have to wait for 60 seconds before they can grab a file. In contrast, users who have registered on the website for free can upload 102,400MB or 102.4GB files with support for remote URL uploads and they also get 500GB of storage space. Files uploaded by such users are automatically deleted 45 days after the last download while they only need to wait for 30 seconds before being able to download shared files.

The premium tier is the most beneficial one for all. The maximum upload file size for premium users is 512,000MB or 512GB which is probably a staggering amount for most users. Furthermore, File.AL premium account holders have no storage space limits whatsoever so they are able to upload TBs of data in the file hosting provider. On top of that, they receive support for download accelerators which are able to easily maximize download speeds, they can download their files instantly without delay, and they can also resume downloads in case they run into any issues, such as an internet connection breaking down. Finally, premium users do not need to enter captcha every time they attempt to download a file while their own items get deleted 90 days after their last download.

Other advantages are less obvious but still very important to consider. For instance, paying users have unlimited download speeds so they can grab files as fast as their internet connection allows them to. Furthermore, longer subscription periods increase the allowed download volume per day. Subscribing to 30 days of File.AL premium gives you 30GB per day, subscribing to 60 days gives you 50GB per day and so forth. In case you are planning to download a massive amount of files in a short period of time, you are probably better off paying for a longer subscription in order to save time and money in the long run.

The differences are very substantial and whether a premium account is worth it or not depends entirely on your own needs. Casual users who rarely download or upload files might be able to make do with the free service after registering an account with the website but they will have to endure various restrictions which limit what they can do with their files. Generally, it is a good idea to get a feel of the website by creating an account and then seeing what benefits you can receive from paying a subscription. No user will see advertisements because the hosting provider believes they are simply annoying. Instead, premium accounts are the only source of revenue for the website which may be yet another reason why you should opt for a paid subscription. Relying on user support may be risky but it is ultimately more rewarding than bombarding people with advertisements and hoping for the best.